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Metcalf Brothers, a fourth generation company, is committed to the needs of its clients. We strive each day to offer the Uniform Textile Industry theblue loom most diverse product line at the most competitive prices and expeditious deliveries. We will continue to focus on our wide range of stock dye products, which lends itself to great color continuity for Metcalf customers. Our Staff will work hard every day to streamline the information that clients demand, affording the virtual information flow necessary to keep on the cutting edge.

Metcalf Brothers considers its long history and understanding of the uniform textile industry as its greatest asset. Nevertheless, we are aware we can't rest on past performances and will continue each day to exceed our client's expectations.

In an everchanging economy Metcalf Brothers, and its dedicated work force will be here to service all our customer's needs. Metcalf Brothers stands firm in its resolve to be the leader in our great industry, offering all we have to you the client.


Metcalf Brothers offers a wide range of stock dye products. A stock dye product is the finest dye process offered to the uniform industry, meeting the critical needs for color consistency. Even though inherently stock dye products are a more expensive process, Metcalf Brothers continues to be one of the most competitive international uniform textile manufacturers in the world.

Global Presencelight meter

Metcalf Brothers offers a product line that does not stand still at any border. We are a world player and have a product line that reflects the diverse and ever changing needs of you, the uniform manufacturer.

Quality Control

Metcalf Brothers performs 100% inspection on all fabrics before they leave our facility in Woonsocket, RI. It is top priority for our staff to guarantee this thorough inspection process.

Testing Labs

Metcalf Brothers offers complete lab and test reports upon request.